Builting your faith….

As the last several months has been an up and down road— in it all God has never let me down…He has always provided just what we needed when we really needed it. Sending an angel of love to bless our lives. I read a book on envisioning what you want or needed in your life helps build faith that it will actually come to be…it saids to post the need where you will see it regular and think this is coming my way soon—it doesn’t hurt to give it a try : 0 ) I do not understand why as humans we have to walk in the valley from time to time or why our hearts has to be crush in times of sorrow but I do know one thing my God is always at my side and is what gives me the strength to carry on…maybe these times are needed to keep us from losing sight of God and what is really important in life–Love ones….


A little assignment for you this month….

Each day share one thing you are thankful for with someone else….as most of you know I don’t get on here as much as I had hope lately so I am going to go a head and share for this whole week….even in this time of hardship I know I am bless beyond words….God is truly good…

 1) My loving and wonderful husband

 2) My kids that keep me on my toes but fill my heart with overflowing love

 3) For wonderful family and friends

 4) For all the angels that God has sent to bless our lives over the last several months

5) For my Church Family

6) For my Charity Family that makes it possible for me to do my charity work (keeping me in stock of yarn and supplies)

7) For God always meeting our needs