Busy Hands for Charity


We are a group of ladies providing warm items for the homeless in a city with 1,500 homeless people in any given night. Winter and the cold will set in soon and I need to get items taken to 2 different places that serve the homeless by Nov to Dec. It is cold here from Nov to Mar.
We are here to crochet and knit warm caps, ear warmers, shawls and scarves and some blankets for those who are less fortunate then us. I can help pay the postage for those of you on a budget. The 2 place I give to are Good Neighbor and Salvation Army who are just down the street from me. Our items are used as Christmas gifts I was told.
I also make crochet diaper bags of which I have the pattern for and I add ‘goodies’ for the baby to the bags for low-income Moms. This time I am adding a Coupon Holder made of plastic canvas some of you ladies who CAN’T crochet or knit will be able to make these for me. ANd they are easy to ship. I hope you ladies enjoy working with me and can make some friends here. THANK YOU for joining!!
Clara Fowler
Owner of BusyHands4Charity (BH4C)

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