Feather In The Wind By: Ash 2011

Someone asked me once, what is love like?

I simply said, ‘tis like the feather on a windy day.

Can go unnoticed, floating by in a simple breeze.

Stopping on a windowsill, for a tiny peak.
It’s fragile and can be tattered

if there is no one to protect it.
Yet the wind never lets go and

 takes it onward across the busy road.

Just as the wind blows, so the feather may flow.
If you’re lucky enough to see it…

You’ve been sent a blessing.
For those of us that spy’s the feather,

so we have been touched.

It leaves us with a smile and a wonder,

 possibly a tender embrace Will a wait.

The feather is simple.

 It shows life is pure.

The dove that could have dropped it may have had you or I in mind.

 “Some one out there needs the warmth of love.”

Where the feather will end up, not for me to say.

 But if I see it, I’ll let you know.

Step out to the curb on a windy day.

 For the feather in the wind, just may decide to flow your way.


Please do not post this poem on the internet or use for profit without getting the author’s permission.


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