LEGION By: Ash 2011

 When you look at a soldier’s footprints

 How many do you see?

 Do you see one set?

 Or do you see many?

 Do you wonder where they have walked?

 Do you wonder whom they have fought?

 Do you wonder whom have they carried?

 When you hear a soldier’s voice

 How many do you hear?

 Do you hear one? Or do you hear many?

 When you hug your soldier as he comes home,

 Do you hug one? Or do you hug many?

When you look into his eyes,

 How many souls do you see?

 Do you see one? Or do you see many?

 It doesn’t matter if you know only one.

 It doesn’t matter if you know many.

Yet they all serve many ways In many places.

 When you thank a soldier,

 Do you thank one? Or do you thank many?

 Are you proud of one?

Or are you proud of many?

 Years from now, on this date will his name be remembered?

 Will their names be remembered?

 As the footprints fade back into the sand,

 I remember a Legion of many men.

They put their lives on hold for me & mine.

 Some I know, Some I don’t. Some I never will.

 But it doesn’t matter.

For I pray for them all.

Legion is one. Legion is many

 In memory & honor of the standing & the fallen

 Of Sept 11. & there after

Please do not post this on any other website or use for profit without the author’s permission


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