Recipe Booklet or Box

Create a recipe booklet containing a collection of your favorite  recipes you can then pick up a $.99  notecard box and some labels and create a Recipe Box to keep them in or just punch holes and tie together with pretty ribbon.  A step farther is if you wanted to do a basket then you could add a crochet or knitted  kitchen scrubbie and dishcloth.  If you don’t crochet or knit then maybe you could trade with someone else that does.  You could make then the recipe booklets and they could make the scrubbies and dishcloth or you can pick them up at the Dollar Tree.  Basket can be gotten at the Dollar Tree also.


If any of you decide to do this and would like to share a picture–I would love to post it here, because, when I am doing a project that is what I really enjoy–being able to see an example of  the project.  I probably won’t do this again this year as I just did it for the family a few years back.


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