Peace in the Middle of Hardships

“Peace I Leave with you, My Peace I give to you, Not as the world gives do I give you. Let Not your heart be troubled, Neither let it be afraid.” John 14:27

Can one truly have peace in the middle of hardship?  Yes, having peace doesn’t mean that you no longer think about the matter at hand but that you have put it in God’s hands so that you can go on with your daily life.  Without peace over an issue we have no energy in the end left to focus on the rest of our lives.  The issue at hand will slowly take over every part of our lives until it is all we can think about and will slowly start affecting how we are able to function in our daily lives.  True peace comes from one place and that is God.  It is hard to get true peace because as humans we have a habit of picking up our problems again after we have turned them over to God.  So in times where you just can’t find peace–ask yourself are you truly leaving the issue in God’s hands or are you picking it back up?  Sometimes I have to turn things over to God  several times a day because I find myself trying to pick it back up and solve it myself.  Give it to God and ask for wisdom then go on with your day until He speaks to you on what the next step is.  He has everything in control–God doesn’t need our help but He does need our trust and faith.  I pray that you all are having a wonderful day and if you find yourself struggling today with lack of peace over an issue that God will help you let go and trust Him.


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